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WHAT: Rome, Italy's capital city and one of the great cities of Western Civilization.
WHERE: Central Italy.
WHY: Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Roman Forum, the Vatican, Rome is simply filled with amazing sights!  Walk in the footsteps of the Caesars.
WHEN: Any time of year, but the summer will draw a mass of tourists.
HOW: International flights into Rome Fiumicino (Leonardo Da Vinci) Airport or via train down the Italian peninsula.

For a panorama of the Colosseum, CLICK HERE

ColosseumRome is one of those must-see cities.  This capital of both present-day Italy and the ancient Roman Empire is hyped up in every way.  You read about the city in history books, art books, architecture books, culinary magazines, and travel guides. 

And you will not be disappointed.  Rome as a city is loud, confusing, and often overwhelming.  Every which way you turn, there is an abundance of traffic and bustling people blended into a mixture of the ancient and the modern.

The city is a wonderland of food, history, art and architecture.  It was, and still is, one of the great cities in all of Europe and the world.  Italy boasts great food, great culture, and great scenery, and Rome is the place to see it all. 

Finding a hotel is oftentimes difficult in this busy city.  Check out our Rome hotel finder to find an available room, and then use our Map of Rome to get acquainted with your destination.



Around Rome

Castel Sant' AngeloCASTEL SANT' ANGELO is a small castle on the banks of the Tevere River located just outside of the Vatican.   

ColosseumCOLOSSEUM (Colosseo) is perhaps the most famous of all of Rome's tourist attractions.  This 2,000 year old stadium is the worlds largest surviving structure from Ancient Rome.

Pantheon CielingPANTHEON The Pantheon is a marvel of Ancient Roman architecture.  The building was designed to be able to hold a perfect sphere, the roof of which follows that perfect sphere up to a circular opening.

PIAZZA NAVONA The Piazza Navona is an exceptionally long open plaza which owes its unusual shape to the Roman racetrack which once stood here.

Roman ForumROMAN FORUM (Foro Romano E Palatino) The Forum was the marketplace of Ancient Rome and also served as the business district and civic center.  Today you will find the remains of these structures in a jumble of stone columns and walls.

Spanish StepsSPANISH STEPS (Piazza Di Spagne E Salinata Della Trinitą Dei Monti) These famous steps lie at the heart of Rome's shopping area.

Trevi FountainTREVI FOUNTAIN (Fontana Di Trevi) This amazing fountain lies in a tiny piazza in central Rome.  The intricate sculptures and clear water make this fountain the perfect place to while the day away.

Vatican CityVATICAN CITY Within the tight confines of this ancient city you will also find the world's smallest country, the Holy See (Vatican City).  Here you will find magnificent sights such as St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which make up the world's largest museum complex.

For a panorama of the Colosseum, CLICK HERE

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Rome Travel Tips

WHERE TO STAY Find out which parts of the city to stay near...and which parts to avoid!

Tired of walking?  Like any other city, Rome offers several modes of transportation.

MAP OF ROME Take a look at our map of the city to find out where to go, what to do, and how to get there.  This map also includes the city's two metro lines and metro stops.


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