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WHAT: Venice, Italian city of canals and islands. 
WHERE: Northern Italy, at the top of the Adriatic near Austria and Slovenia.
WHY: One of the great pedestrian cities of the world.  Food, shopping, and sightseeing, this is truly a romantic city.
Any time of year, but the summer will draw a mass of tourists.
HOW: International and regional flights into Venice's Marco Polo International Airport or via train up the Italian peninsula from Rome.
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Venice's Grand CanalVenice (Venezia) is one of the world's greatest pedestrian cities.  Whether it's sparkling in late spring sunshine or shrouded in winter mist, this city will enchant you in every way.

No automotive vehicles are permitted within the city of Venice, which lies offshore on a series of islands.  Everything in the city is transported by boat from the mainland and through the cities many canals to its destination.  The fact that there are no cars, buses, or motorcycles on Venice's narrow streets make it a perfect place to walk around and enjoy the old city sights.

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The old city is very compact, yet there is much to see and do.  The area is absolutely littered with famous historical sights, the most familiar of which are the Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal.  These two locations are must-see sights, yet there is more to Venice than open squares and markets.  The countless churches situated around the city are all must-visit destinations (we are not exaggerating here). 


Each church boasts a magnificent selection of paintings by famous Italian Renaissance masters such as Bellini, Tintoretto and Titian.  Each church is quite literally a mini-art museum, with some churches having each wall (and even ceilings) covered by fantastic paintings like a patchwork quilt.   

Even more enjoyable, perhaps, is walking through the narrow streets of the old city.  In places the streets are so narrow you can stretch your arms out and touch the buildings on either side of the street.  There are streets down which the sun never shines (a benefit in the hot Italian summers).  This is all part of the charm of Venice, which has retained much of its old character. 

The city has done a good job withstanding the march of time.  Walking down the streets it is not hard to imagine you are seeing the city as it was seen by Marco Polo and other famous historical figures in centuries past.  

Venice, quite simply, is one of our favorite destinations.


TIP: When you visit Venice you will do a great deal of walking around the city, so come prepared with comfortable shoes.  In addition, take a few minutes to map your routes around the city; shortcuts across the city save valuable time.

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Around Venice

Piazza San MarcoPiazza San Marco The grandest of Venice's grand squares.  This Piazza offers much to visitors, with the Basilica San Marco, views from the clock tower, and the surrounding markets.

Canal GrandeCanal Grande
The Grand Canal is Venice's version of Main Street.  The 4 km long canal forms an 'S' curve through the middle of the city, slicing right along Venice's grandest tourist sights. 

Rialto BridgeRIALTO BRIDGE Venice only has three bridges which cross its Grand Canal.  Of these three bridges, the Bridge at Rialto is the most famous. 

Santa Maria Della SaluteSanta Maria Della Salute Chiesa Santa Maria della Salute is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Venice.  It's towering dome dominates the Dorsoduro neighborhood and is one of the main churches along the Grand Canal.

Gallerie Dell'AccademiaGallerie Dell'Accademia Venice's greatest art museum boasts masterpieces from the great Venetian masters such as Bellini, Giorgione, Carpaccio, Tizziano, Tintoretto, Veronese and Tiepolo.  The building housing these great paintings also once served as a church and a monastery.


Venice Travel Tips

WHERE TO STAY Find out which parts of the city to stay near...and which parts to avoid!

Tired of walking?  Like any other city, Venice offers several modes of transportation.  The catch is that they all travel on water.

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Visit a part of Venice most tourists never see!

MAP Take a look at our map of Venice, which includes common Vaporetto routes and points out the locations of the different highlights around the city!


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