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WHAT: Barcelona, 1992 Olympic Host and world class city. 
WHERE: Spanish province of Catalonia, on the Mediterranean Sea.
WHY: Seafood, nightlife, architecture, art, beaches.
WHEN: Any time of year, but the summer will draw a mass of tourists.
HOW: International and regional flights into Barcelona's International Airport or via train down the Costa Brava.

Towers of the Temple De La Sagrada FamiliaBarcelona, much like New York City, is a city that never sleeps.  This vibrant Mediterranean metropolis is one of Spain's most visited cities and is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia (Catalunya). 


Barcelona is the ideal destination for tourists looking for sun, history, seafood, fascinating architecture, incredible art, and an excellent nightlife which (much like the rest of Spain) continues until dawn.  Travelers who visit this bustling city should expect to immerse themselves in Spanish culture--with a twist. 

In Barcelona the Catalonians cling to their proud history and traditions, and all the local signs are in both Spanish and in Catal
án.  Both languages are official languages in Barcelona, and both languages share the same Latin roots.   

Barcelona emerged at the forefront of media and popular culture when it played host to the 1992 Summer Olympics, and the city has continued to grow and prosper in the years since.  This city of 1.5 million now attracts more than 2 million visitors each year. 

While English is not widely spoken, Barcelonans are both helpful and polite.  Do not be afraid to use a few words of Spanish: a little effort on your part will go a long way!



Around Barcelona

Barside Eatery at the Boqueria MarketBOQUERÍA MARKET (Mercat De La Boquería) This Barcelona market located just off of La Rambla is a fantastic place to visit and to eat.

CatedralCATHEDRAL (Catedral) Barcelona's magnificent Gothic Cathedral is the highlight of the city's Gothic Quarter and Old City.

TEMPLE EXPIATORI DE LA SAGRADA FAMILÍA is Barcelona's most outstanding landmark, and was the brainchild of the famous Catalonian architect and artist Antoni Gaudí.

is the most famous street in Barcelona, and one of the most famous boulevards in the world.  At all times of night and day, you will find pedestrians, tourists, and vendors on this busy street.

MONTSERRAT is a wonderful day trip from Barcelona into the mountains inland from the city.  This presents a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and spend some time in the cooler mountain air.  Montserrat is also the site of a famous Benedictine Abbey.

Barcelona's Old CityOLD CITY (Ciutat Vella) is a jumble of narrow pedestrian streets and squares which are the remnants of the old Roman garrison which at one time was one of the most prosperous cities in the Mediterranean.

Port Vell recreational areaOLD PORT
(Port Vell) is a renovated recreation area in Barcelona Harbor at the end of La Rambla.  This area features bridges, walkways, restaurants, and Europe's largest aquarium. 

Olympic MonumentOLYMPIC RING
(Anella Ol
ímpica) is the 1992 Summer Olympic Complex, which overlooks the city.

Beach at the Olympic VillageOLYMPIC VILLAGE
(Villa Ol
ímpica) district is where you will find Barcelona's beaches.  In addition, this is where you will find the largest concentration of restaurants, pubs, and clubs in the city.

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